Project name:

Recreation Trails Master Plan: Town of Sturbridge, MA

Project description:

Kay-Linn Enterprises provided an opportunities and constraints assessment of the Town’s 1,000 acres of open space property along with Fish & Game, Land Conservancy, Army Corps of Engineers, and State Park properties within the Town boundaries.  With the assistance of Applied Trails Research and Trail Dynamics and significant public input, three alternatives were developed. The publicly chosen alternative was refined into the Recreational Trails Master Plan and provided conceptual trail design, existing trail improvements, school and business district connectivity, trail specifications, cost estimation, and ideal development sequencing for soft and hard-surfaced recreational trails to meet a wide range of experiences and difficulty levels for walking, hiking, road cycling, mountain biking, equestrian, and skiing/snowshoeing.  The 100+ miles of trails conceptualized in the plan were developed with the goals of improving community quality of life, highlighting the progressive conservation ethic of the Town, and adding breadth and depth to the Town’s tourist/service industry economy. 

Outcomes: The recently adopted plan has already initiated a lively discussion among Town leaders, trail advocates, and the local business community centered on fundraising and an aggressive 10-year implementation timeframe.

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