Project name:

Casper Mountain Parks: Trail Assessment and Conceptual Redevelopment Plan

Project description:

Kay-Linn Enterprises and Applied Trails Research,  working with KLJ Engineering, assessed the physical, social, and managerial sustainability of Natrona County’s park facilities on Casper Mountain. The team developed recommendations for improvements to the County’s park, playground, recreation, and camping/event amenities over more than 5,000 acres, as well as connectivity options for those facilities, a City of Casper-owned alpine ski area, BLM recreation facilities, and a number of summer camp operations. Park facilities assessed included a cultural/historical museum and trail system, nordic ski area, field archery range, interpretive trail for the visually impaired, off-highway vehicle area, and a number of natural surface trails.

Outcomes: The plan provides for enhanced collaboration and efficient project prioritization between the County and a wide array of partners to:

  1. improve the environmental sustainability, connectivity and recreational quality provided by trails in the County,
  2. target private property corridors for County outreach and conservation and/or recreation easement development or open space purchase
  3. position Natrona County as a premier recreation, park, and open space provider among Wyoming communities.

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